Scribing Essentials – October 2022

A foundational program to develop the inner capacities of scribing—a process of drawing while people talk—for real-time reflection. This 5-day online program will cover a range of core capacities required for a robust visual practice. Self-directed readings, videos, handouts, and guided practices combine with daily online sessions for live scribing and group conversations. The content will include:

  • Day 1: Being—Staying open; creative tension; containers
  • Day 2: Joining—Softening; fields of conversation
  • Day 3: Perceiving—Suspending judgment; mapping systems
  • Day 4: Knowing—Presencing; coherence; discernment
  • Day 5: Drawing—Learning scribing basics; Integrating all domains



Each day will include:

  • SELF-PACED PRACTICES: ~1-2 hours per day of self-paced practices that include reading, watching pre-recorded content videos, drawing practice, and written reflection
  • LIVE SESSIONS: each day from 8:00-9:30am EDT. (Check your time zone here) with: small and large group conversation, and a special guest to add insight on the daily topic and provide and opportunity to practice scribing. Recording of the live session will be available for those who cannot make it, due to time zones or for other reasons.
  • LANGUAGE TRACKS: Spanish and Traditional Chinese/Mandarin! We will offer some translated written materials in each, dedicated online learning groups, and 1 live session practices rounds for each language (where English-only speakers will experience what it is like to tune into tone of another language, with only key highlights translated in the zoom chat).((Yes, this is experimental…))

Technical Requirements: To participate in the live session, you will need Zoom. You will also receive an invitation to an online community platform called Mighty Networks where you can complete the self-directed learning.

Materials: You will want to be prepared to draw each day during each live session. This can include: any size and type of surface you would like to work on, crayons, markers, pencils, or digital tablets.