Lark Collective was formed in 2022 by a small group of scribes committed to expanding the field of visual practice through writing, convening, and teaching – on matters concerning environmental, societal, and spiritual renewal. It’s since morphed into a holding space of possibility, with a similar intent but looser structure of activity. As times change and the “call” evolves, the collective will follow.

Lark: A ground-dwelling songbird known for their melodious singing in flight—unlike other birds, who only sing when perched; A source of, or quest for amusement or adventure; to engage in harmless fun or mischief. –Merriam-Webster Collective: People coming together in a cooperative way—in this case to learn, to grow.

SCRIBING What Is Scribing? It’s a social art that helps us see and sense into our realities and future. Here is a ~30 min conversation that starts to explore the subject. Enjoy!